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"While the poor works to not stay poor, the rich works to not get poor. Everyone has problems, it's just about how you say it."

A Successful Love Story - eBook

The E-book version of the original set of posts, 'A Successful Love Story'. You can download this from here or get it from Smashwords.

The Story that I couldn't Write

Do you think one week is a lot of time? Even the planet Mercury takes more than fourteen weeks to go around the Sun, and it is really close to the star. I can put together a hundred different examples to prove to you that one week is really small, especially when it comes to work. It is unlike how time slows down when we are actually at our place of work. It is similar to those moments where our time enjoyed is cut short by a quartz clock disobeying the oscillating frequency of the material.

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"Every evening on my way home, a bird would scream when I went past that old tree. It wasn't until one time that I finally stopped to check, its cries were at the extra shadow behind me."

Another Story Preview

It has been a few days now that I get home and after all the routinely chores think about the story I had to write. Each day I would sit on my desk, take my notebook out, a pen in my hand and my eyes would start their job of staring blankly on the white paper in front of me. I could have torn at least twenty of those pages each day for all the failed topics I thought I can write about but thanks to my love for nature, and the knowledge that my next idea would be a waste too, I'd save the page to scribble more poor ideas.

Where do you think this is heading?