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A Successful Love Story Part 8

Time is, perhaps, the biggest resource that one has. Biggest and the most valuable. And, there are those who will argue that money is more important, but, let’s just say, your feelings aren’t comparable to an artificial technique of interaction. For other than carbon fiber, man won’t one up nature. At least, not soon.

Ideally, love comes when you are willing to share your time with someone else. You shall accept their ways (of things) and try to fuse it with yours, with harmony. You have to build your schedule so that you can get time with them. And you have to be with them when they need you. And you have to be sure that in this way you are not disturbing your individual plans.

It is quite a responsibility, but then something has to give. Falling in love is, probably, the easiest thing to do. Rising again and holding on, that is a different story.

Certainly, you start by believing that you will. There will be the added weight of your partner, but you do love them. And you can’t leave th…