A Successful Love Story Part 7

While you may look to find a balance among your responsibilities and expectations, there are a lot more things to take care of. Too much of ego, like every other negative emotions, is something that must be avoided.

If you look into various ’definitions’ of love, all sorts of selfish emotions are loathed upon. And that is right. How can you be in love when you are driven by self-satisfaction?

There is a fine difference in advocating your ideas and doing it by devaluing others’. Likewise, ego is an extreme form of self-respect.
And, it is quite clear that a right balance and not the extreme forms of anything is what is necessary for success.

Anger is, another emotion that requires proper management. You may end up saying or doing things you may regret, for it is one of those feelings that drag you away from rationale.

A fit solution is to avoid any contact with others for the time, or to share with someone who is able to comprehend your thoughts. Now this someone may or may not be your partner, and you mustn’t worry about explaining to your partner(if it is someone else). This is your personal functioning, and it is up to you to decide who you may confide in.

Being rigid about your ideas won’t earn you much. Mostly, you will end up having heated arguments or some hate from others. Of course, you may not care for a bunch of stranger being against you, but it won’t be too good when your loved ones turn their backs on you.

So, you shall, at least, try to listen to what they have to say. You won’t be losing much, and instead, may gain a lot from them. And most importantly, it will help you grow, while improve your relations as well.