A Successful Love Story Part 6

Expectations are inevitable. And they can come quite soon in a relationship.

Obviously, romance is built on ’give and take’ and sharing your desires with your partner helps in improving the trust and strength in the relation.

While there isn’t anything wrong in expecting from your partner, you must be wary of your partner’s wishes and abilities as well. You are in for a disappointment if you ask for too much.

The idea that you should be willing to give more than get doesn’t mean that you will be getting less. Rather, it must be followed to avoid disappointments when those expectations are not met. Clearly, the same rules apply for everyone, and in a healthy bond, you will receive as much as you give.

Another disadvantage of holding on to your expectations is that you won’t really be a good sport about the surprises that you may get.

Certainly, when interacting with the outside world, you have to let go of your preset ideas, for not everyone will have the same idea as yours. You must be open to changes and new things. And, while this might sound contradictory to the original part, it isn’t. If your life is going great, someone else’s can be too.

Sharing your time doesn’t mean giving up on your ideas, and neither does it imply forcing your own on others.

Evidently, expectations from your partner aren’t supposed to be as per your preferences, but what the both of you can agree upon. Plus, you have yourself to set all the big goals for.