A Successful Love Story Part 5

Accepting and managing your responsibilities is key for a healthy relationship.

The common idea that a responsible and organised person is easier to deal with is more or less true. It clearly depends on you as well. For example, your tolerance. But the idea is quite simple.

A responsible somebody knows the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between things. And, they are supposed to know(and do) the scheme of things, and keep the relationship growing steadily.

In a general perspective, being responsible helps in taking care of your partner’s expectations, and stabilising your bond. It prevents some over the top demands, as well as the negative feelings of ignorance and detachment.

Spending too much time, for instance, with your partner, while ignoring your work (or family) will affect your balance. There will be times when you interfere in their personal space, and damage your relations with others. Obviously, the reactions will not be instant, but they will be there.

The desire to improvise on this front isn’t supposed to come from external sources. Rather, you shall try to prepare a schedule, to help manage your time. Organisation is important for mental stability.

Of course, this does not imply that chaos can not be organised.