A Successful Love Story Part 4

Carrying on a similar idea from last time, privacy (or personal space) is what we seek a few months into a romantic relationship.

Privacy expresses the idea of freedom at a personal level, and involves actions that should not affect your partner.

Obviously, your significant other will feel the effects of what you do, who you spend time with and almost everything that links to you. However, you should be able to manage how it affects them. For instance, your routine mustn’t cause disturbances in their activities, and vice versa.

And then, you might have a nosy partner, who wants every single detail about you. You have to sit through long hours of them narrating the ’events’ of their day, after which you have to share as well.

And while there’s nothing  wrong in knowing about your partner, ’excess’ isn’t really the best idea.

Possessiveness (or obsession) are a few words used to justify this behaviour (as innocence).

However, this can turn out to be a major bump in the growth of the both of you. Not only does it cause random arguments (over petty issues), it can also lead to ’relationship woes’.

As for the ’worse’ cases, there might be times when your mate will harass you for giving more time to a friend, or even for having their photos on your phone. This behaviour will certainly lead to psychological problems, if they are not suppressed. Negative feelings are can and will create a lot of damage.

Another example is of those who don’t know when a conversation is over. You must provide a proper explanation to be excused, which is long enough to put you off of your schedule.

There are a few more, but manageable, scenarios. In fact you can always deal with the ’not-serious’ cases easily. But you should not have these issues in the first place.

A healthy relationship is feasible only when one gets time to be themselves. ’Alone time’ is as important as the ’time we spend together’, and you need a balance between them.

To get to that, you have only one option. Which is to have a mature and proper discussion with you partner about your preferences (and theirs as well). A mutual solution is the most suited for both parties.