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A Successful Love Story Part 7

While you may look to find a balance among your responsibilities and expectations, there are a lot more things to take care of. Too much of ego, like every other negative emotions, is something that must be avoided.

If you look into various ’definitions’ of love, all sorts of selfish emotions are loathed upon. And that is right. How can you be in love when you are driven by self-satisfaction?

There is a fine difference in advocating your ideas and doing it by devaluing others’. Likewise, ego is an extreme form of self-respect.
And, it is quite clear that a right balance and not the extreme forms of anything is what is necessary for success.

Anger is, another emotion that requires proper management. You may end up saying or doing things you may regret, for it is one of those feelings that drag you away from rationale.

A fit solution is to avoid any contact with others for the time, or to share with someone who is able to comprehend your thoughts. Now this someone may or may not be your par…

A Successful Love Story Part 6

Expectations are inevitable. And they can come quite soon in a relationship.

Obviously, romance is built on ’give and take’ and sharing your desires with your partner helps in improving the trust and strength in the relation.

While there isn’t anything wrong in expecting from your partner, you must be wary of your partner’s wishes and abilities as well. You are in for a disappointment if you ask for too much.

The idea that you should be willing to give more than get doesn’t mean that you will be getting less. Rather, it must be followed to avoid disappointments when those expectations are not met. Clearly, the same rules apply for everyone, and in a healthy bond, you will receive as much as you give.

Another disadvantage of holding on to your expectations is that you won’t really be a good sport about the surprises that you may get.

Certainly, when interacting with the outside world, you have to let go of your preset ideas, for not everyone will have the same idea as yours. You must be …

A Successful Love Story Part 5

Accepting and managing your responsibilities is key for a healthy relationship.

The common idea that a responsible and organised person is easier to deal with is more or less true. It clearly depends on you as well. For example, your tolerance. But the idea is quite simple.

A responsible somebody knows the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between things. And, they are supposed to know(and do) the scheme of things, and keep the relationship growing steadily.

In a general perspective, being responsible helps in taking care of your partner’s expectations, and stabilising your bond. It prevents some over the top demands, as well as the negative feelings of ignorance and detachment.

Spending too much time, for instance, with your partner, while ignoring your work (or family) will affect your balance. There will be times when you interfere in their personal space, and damage your relations with others. Obviously, the reactions will not be instant, but they will be there.

The desire to…

A Successful Love Story Part 4

Carrying on a similar idea from last time, privacy (or personal space) is what we seek a few months into a romantic relationship.

Privacy expresses the idea of freedom at a personal level, and involves actions that should not affect your partner.

Obviously, your significant other will feel the effects of what you do, who you spend time with and almost everything that links to you. However, you should be able to manage how it affects them. For instance, your routine mustn’t cause disturbances in their activities, and vice versa.

And then, you might have a nosy partner, who wants every single detail about you. You have to sit through long hours of them narrating the ’events’ of their day, after which you have to share as well.

And while there’s nothing  wrong in knowing about your partner, ’excess’ isn’t really the best idea.

Possessiveness (or obsession) are a few words used to justify this behaviour (as innocence).

However, this can turn out to be a major bump in the growth of the both of…

A Successful Love Story Part 3

There are many theories that suggest we are computer codes running to obtain a single goal. But, at the end of the day, it is best to debunk that theory, for there aren’t a lot of things which are better than free will.

Being the apex predator, we don’t really enjoy being dominated or controlled by someone else. In fact, as soon as we start developing reason, we wish to make our own choices.

In contrast, all of that goes south when one is in a romantic relationship. We choose to make, as well as expect, compromises.

And, while there is nothing wrong in doing something for your loved ones, it is wrong to hurt yourself in order to make them happy. Especially, when you sacrifice your choices, you tend to change to someone different.

Love is, after all, about feeling free. And I’m sure all of us have heard, and I quote,

“If you love something, set it free.”

And that is how it should be. You shall not try to restrict your partner’s choice, and they must do the same. Certainly, you won’t wish to …