A Successful Love Story Part 1

Love. We all know how it feels. To have someone to share just the 'perfect' moments with. To have company in doing the dumbest of things. To have someone for a random conversation, and to have a partner to shower all your feelings on.

For some it is the best feeling, while it reminds others of their broken heart. Though, those heartbreaks happen when your actions tend to complicate the situations. The 'best-feeling' part is quite natural, and common to both kinds.

At one end, the 'perfect' love story doesn't exist. You can't really lay down all the pointers for one, because no two people have the same idea about it. On the contrary, some things are the building blocks in a tale, similar to the strings that make up everything (with reference to the string theory).

Love is, what comes first, in a union. But it doesn't start off with your partner. Instead, it starts with you. In simple terms, you have to love yourself to love others. And, this is quite a common saying.

However, most people choose to ignore it. In fact, many try to find solace in their partners. Solace, I say, because at a younger age (which I have been able to observe the most) people are, generally, worried (or upset) about themselves. And then, they try to find magic in somebody else and give their best to their love interests.

Yes, there are those who actually value the efforts. But some don't. And this is where the trouble lies. When one is pushed away by the 'good' part of their day, they regress in emotional stability.

This is, perhaps, where all the anti-love internet jokes and stories are born. Sadly, people find it hard to witness love, and then go around insulting it. Love isn't just about your 'mate', but involves others such as your friends and family. And most importantly, you.

The truth is, love will come to you when you are the loneliest. Actually, when you are not afraid of being alone.

Surely, there is a lot more to a love story. And, that will be coming soon...