A Successful Love Story Part 2

The first step, of making things work, is to believe that it can happen.

Yes, trust is, perhaps, the most important factor in any relationship. I can safely add the word 'perhaps', 'cause some might value it lower than a few other things, and none of this is written to hurt anybody's feelings.

But when you talk about trust, it is clearly the grass roots of human interaction. You need to trust yourself to be confident, and to trust someone else to confide in them.

As a matter of fact, some relations get through the 'testing' times based on this trust. For there will be times when complete rage can take over, but the last bit of reason will remind you of the faith that you have.

And while reason and faith might be on the extreme ends of the spectrum, there is nothing wrong in having both of them in one's analysis.

Obviously, building up trust takes a lot of time. Also, it is not supposed to end in just one moment. Because if it does, maybe you never got it right. As popular as it may be, the age old idea that it takes just one mistake to break someone's trust is wrong. Period.

Consider this, if you can't believe in someone even after, say, two years. Then, should you really doubt them in a couple of seconds? Let me answer that for you. You shouldn't.

And if you really want to be obsessed with preset notions, then how about 'love is forgiveness'. At least you won't be regretting over a missed 'chance'. For a chance is enough to be successful. And enough to make your beloved smile.