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Conversation 4

I'm sorry that I have to break your heart.
Okay. So you've asked me a lot of questions. I haven't managed to answer them all, and some may even go unanswered forever. But the last time, you asked me, if I want you out of my life.

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"The calmness of the colour green"

The Bus Ride

Sometimes, anything you do is just not enough. While sometimes, you give your best to someone not deserving. And there are times, you try too hard to make a good impression. The end result in each of the three cases is that you end up losing the one you want to be with. Here's one such story, in the form of a rhyme.

Conversations 3

You asked me why I don't share my feelings with you. While my answer has regularly been that 'that's how I am', it is far from convincing.

7 Lines : Does A Relationship Cut Your Wings

There's nothing more awesome than being in love, and there's nothing more special being loved by someone. But still, there are times you feel suffocated in a romantic relationship. While the cause usually is a wrong partner, the most common break-up reason is "It's not you, it's me." Sometimes, it is a mere excuse to get to someone else you are interested in, or you want to be all by yourself. But how does this happen, that once 'the perfect person' is now choking you. Here's a list of a few instances that force you into this conclusion.

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"Oblivion is the true reason for fear"