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A Little Love - The Book


Quotes 001

"Theoretically, being yourself is the best you can do. But in life, it is much more difficult than being someone else."Read On...

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"Nature is as simple as it gets."

Conversation 2

You asked me why I was being so rude. I have been ignoring this question for so long, but sometimes it is best to tell the truth. 

6 Lines : Smartphones

Our smartphones are more or less the first to know what goes on in our minds. A majority of our feelings, fantasies, thoughts and experiences are first written (typed) on our phones. But like all good things, they come with their own demerits. Here's a list of the good and the bad of our deeply cherished smartphones.

1.  It keeps you connected  : With your e-mails and internet profiles, smartphones do a good job in maintaining your online celebrity status.
 Sadly, they don't do well in real life. And one day you realise that the people you mostly see are through your phone's screen.

2.  It gives you internet at all times  : And that means lots and lots of information, which is always beneficial. It can help you get your facts right, and win bets with your friends too.
 Of course, too much internet disconnects you from the life around you. And not all of the information online is true.

3.  It keeps you entertained  : A large variety of streaming media, added to your own playlist…

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"High in the sky, where heaven meets the eye"


You asked me how I would react if you were gone. But before I tell you the truth, I wish to know what exactly do you mean by 'gone'. Is it going somewhere on some sort of a journey? Or a permanent departure for heaven. 

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"On a bright sunny day"

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"Ultimately, the nature soothes you."

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"The clouds are the messenger of rain."