2014 Begins

Happy New Year everyone. Well it maybe five days late, but considering the fact that I was giving my exam on New year's eve as well as preparing for another on 'the' day, I can be late.

Seriously, I mean who plans exams on Christmas and New Year. And with the winter temperature going way too low (it was under 8°C), one would be a complete lunatic to write an exam. A few of my friends were not at all interested to be one, and chose to have a nice nap during the three hours. Smart!

Anyways, after sacrificing some of my precious sleep and lots and lots of fun, I am finally back here to do some writing. Other than starting the new 'Snappy Story' series of posts, I will be continuing with my maybe novel, 'Storytelling'. Seventy-five percent of the first draft has been completed earlier, and the remaining will be done soon.

As everybody says, 'new year brings a lot of new opportunities, resolutions and other stuff like that', well good for them. I hope you've all got your resolutions and plans already in motion. All the best for them. I chose to focus on keeping proper health and yes of course, surviving another year in an Indian engineering college. Wish me luck.

Finally, I choose to conclude before I start to get boring, 'cause I am not some uber-experienced senior citizen and this is pretty much all I gotta say for the day; plus I got five days late.

So, take care everyone wish you all a very happy new year again. Enjoy, learn, be happy and be yourself. More coming soon.....

And yes, one more thing, since I couldn't make you all a greeting card, here's one from the Google search results,

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