Following A Routine

Planning your  holidays beforehand with all to-do activities and events is a great idea. In fact, planning your each day is a must.

We get 24 hours a day and many of us complain that this much time is not enough. To be frank, I have never had that feeling. Instead, I wonder why is there need for so much time, specially when you are in your class. But when you race against time, these hours become seconds and the 'not enough' feeling comes back. So, rather than wasting even one minute of that time, it is better to opt for a planned day.

From the time we learn the meaning of a day, we are advised, rather ordered, by our parents or teachers to prepare a routine for our daily activities, and to not waste our time doing 'meaningless' stuff. 

Let us just assume that they are correct. Sure. After all, by making a routine, you are not vulnerable to wasting your time. Plus, you learn to channelize your energy which improves your abilities. You can manage all your work, finish your tasks in proper order, that is, deliver your best possible output.

Sounds like having a routine is a great idea, isn't it? But as simple as it may sound, the difficulty level is extreme; extremely difficult.

First of all, you need to plan it out well. Along with proper eating and sleeping, you need to have the right balance of learning and physical activity. Add yoga to it for maintaining and even improving your potential. 
Keeping the exact balance is most necessary for anyone. Otherwise, you will be classified as a nerd or geek or bully or something else. 

But the most difficult part is actually following your plan. I have seen many people preparing their routine but not surviving even one day according to it. Some even don't imply it, myself being one of them.

I have made so many different routines but never followed them. The maximum time one survived was one day. As if the fixed time of school was not enough. Why? Because  routines turn out to effect me negatively. In fact, there are many disadvantages of planning your 24x7 time table. 

The first is, something that we all enjoy a lot, surprises. Having a plans zeroes the probability of surprises. Also, you may have trouble in synchronizing your time with your friends/family. Over time you are faced by a monotonous and boring life, which makes you complain about and curse your routine.

In the end, it all comes down to your choice. Whether you want a balanced and controlled day with a proper routine or a surprising and unique day. Option number two seems better, but it does turn out to be difficult in the long. Again, it is your choice and your day. Make it happen.

Good Luck.