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Following A Routine

Planning your  holidays beforehand with all to-do activities and events is a great idea. In fact, planning your each day is a must.

We get 24 hours a day and many of us complain that this much time is not enough. To be frank, I have never had that feeling. Instead, I wonder why is there need for so much time, specially when you are in your class. But when you race against time, these hours become seconds and the 'not enough' feeling comes back. So, rather than wasting even one minute of that time, it is better to opt for a planned day.

Rhyme Part 2

A short rhyme to be jealous....   

One Romantic Night

I am jealous of the wind that goes through your hair, 
I am jealous of the raindrops on your eyes, 
I am jealous of the gloss on your lips, 
jealous of the teardrops down your cheeks. 

I am jealous of the clothes that hug your body tight, 
I am jealous that you cling to the pillow when you're scared at night, 
I am jealous of the drink that makes your throat gulp, 
Jealous of the whispers that give you goosebumps.

For those lifeless things can make you feel, 
what i want you to do, when I come close to you, 
Hold you in my arms, that is the deal, 
Kiss you my baby, loving you all night.