A Walk In The Night

Fact : Just 5 minutes doing something in a park, in the woods or even in your backyard can boost mental health.

'Twas late night and I was too bored to do anything. I decided to go for a walk. And being under the moonlight, just the moonlight, was the icing on the cake. It was as if I was back in time, staring into the night sky along with the squeaky sounds of the environment. Enchanting!

That little time was enough for me to realise what have I missed over the past few years. Things haven't been pure fun ever. 

In fact, the definition of a smart and happy kid has changed a lot over the past two decades. From running the fastest in a race to owning the best smart phone in the market, the innocence has changed into arrogance. Fun is no more an amusement park ride but having the controller of a home theater system. Technology is no longer a part of our life but the definition of our lives. 

We need technology to connect with our family and friends. It helps us get the information about the world. We have facebook, twitter, youtube, google and what not platforms to share our stuff with everyone. In fact, I am using the same right now. It is just a necessity, but we treat our gadgets and internet as GOD.

I have seen people discriminating on what kind of phone a person has. I even read in the newspaper that the type of phone a person has can describe the personality of that person. Seriously. A man can have an iPhone but not even an IQ score of 10. 

Plus, tech has become the only method to connect with friends and family. I have seen many who are incapable of communicating with their friends in person but can talk for hours on IMs and chat. You can be a super player online but are the biggest introvert in public. Teenagers developing such kind of dual personality is the sad truth of this century.

At times, I wonder if this geeky nature is required when you already have nature with you. But the problem is, everyone around me has adopted the geek in their nature. 

But, as Mahatma Gandhi said, "you must be the change that you wish to see in the world", I choose to strike a balance between me and Mr.tech.

I am not simply saying this, but have experienced each and every word written above. I can assure you, you need these innovations for an improved life, but you must know when you are losing the balance between the things. It is no good being the best conversationalist on the web while losing the ability to utter a single world when you actually face the same person. And remember, you may have the best and the latest gadgets in possession, but your not so 'lucky' friends may be smarter enough to teach you something more important. After all, artificial intelligence can never match the abilities of human brain, rather the abilities of life.