The Bad Presentation

Being nervous about a presentation is pretty normal. Was I? No. Well, not exactly. But the result was the same, I messed up. And I did get remarked as being nervous.

Hello everyone. How are you all? Finally, after  a period of ten days, I am posting here. I have been busy (and tired) lately, and this is one of the events from those busy days.....

It was a dark, scary night.......just kidding :D
It was actually daytime, in my college. I had been assigned a group by my teacher and we were supposed to deliver a presentation on Cinema (specifically, Bollywood). It was a fun topic, but to be honest I couldn't change it because all my group members were in favour of it. Everybody always looks for an easy way out.

Anyways, I started the show with a simple salutation and followed it up with a cheeky smile and a basic introduction of the topic. I realised that I had made sick faces (like the nervous kind) and had trouble in making any improvements before finally asking my partner to follow up. Disappointed.

I suppose my group did the worst as even the data that we had prepared was remarked as 'too simple'. All the members were criticized for the poor performance. 'Twas a bad day :-(

I was too busy in searching for the 'why?' over the entire week. From stage fright to introvert life, I searched for the reason. I did narrow on my problem ultimately,

In an attempt to be heard out loud, i raised my volume beyond my ability and thus became nervous with the pronunciations of my words. 
It may sound crazy but this was what happened. It was my first presentation experience. I wanted it to be great, but I couldn't.

But, it is all a learning experience. It was my first time and I realised that I should not get depressed about it. After all, it helped me explore some new things about me. For example, I am not a team player. I have never enjoyed team tasks.

Lesson for the day : Don't overwork yourself. Develop your skills step by step. It takes time, patience and hardwork. Even the quick learners need practice. Pushing yourself too much is hazardous for you and the people around you as well.
And second, never give a presentation like me. :D
Actually, never do something you are not interested in. Sooner or later, you will feel suffocated.
Love your work, and give it all you've got. The result : "hello success." So long, take care everyone.