Independence and freedom may mean the same to many people. After all, the dictionary lists them as synonyms of each other. But they are not. Independence is when you do not depend on others for any of your needs or your decisions . On the other hand, freedom means....well it means different for different people.

A simple definition can be that freedom is free will, about everything. Free to think, to say, to decide, to practice, to do when, where and what you feel like. Freedom for me is the ability to take my own decisions irrespective of what the other 7 billion people of the world has to say.

However, there is one major similarity between freedom and independence. And it is that neither of the two words exist in our lives. You may doubt on this statement, but it is a fact. Period.

We depend on our families for healthcare, our education and all those luxuries that we get. It is the duty of our parents to take care of us and provide us the basic neccesities of life ( a simple sentence found in every other book). We are all emotionally dependent on our families for support, we need their guidance and advice. Their experience help us in our proper growth. When we become adults, it is their turn to depend on us. And thirty years in the future, we would be dependent on our kids. This goes on.

Do you feel frustrated when you forget your cell phone? If your answer is yes, you are depending on your phone. Cell phones have become a major part of our lives. We even value our things more than the people around us. 

Employment is yet another dependency in our life. We all wish for a secure job and a good salary and that's it. Every passing moment our creative self is being degraded. How many inventions have this century seen? How many of those have been from what is called the youth? Just a few, I guess.

Our freedom is controlled by the people who live around us. "You must do this" or "you will not do that" are some statements that are the barriers set to our choices. Freedom of speech and expression is a basic human right. But this right is accessible only after a lot of verifications. You can't speak against something or other. What is it with this kind of restricted freedom? This kind of statement is synonymous to, "A half-truth does more mischief than a whole lie."

The biggest problem that one faces is the thought of "what they will say"?
What would they say if I do this? How would they react? These are some of the questions that come to our mind when we think of trying something different. A new dress, a new hairstyle, the decision is influenced by what 'they' would think. 

And this they is not just for our partners but for every other person that you see on the road. As if they know you or care about what you do. And even if they do, who are they to decide what makes you happy. It is your life not the world's. Sure humans are social animals, but if the society restricts your choices or thinking, it is better to be just an animal.

The best thing you can do is to enjoy your cell phone, your car, your computer and everything you have, and also enjoy your job and relationships. Give your everything in whatever you do, but don't give permission to anyone or anything to control your life or your emotions when you don't get what you expect from them. Your life is your responsibility, your time is your own luxury, no one has the right to interfere in it, unless you want them to.

Life is a gift from God, you don't have to waste it for those people who don't realise what they have. It is your one chance to make a great story, written by you, with thousands of different characters. Sure a story has villians, but in the end there is a happy ending.

It's your own destiny and you don't need any permission to write it your way.Do you? Just remember one thing : 'they' have a lot to say. But 'their words' are never more valuable than your thoughts. Because if they are, then you are just another one in the crowd.......