Are We Free From Social Evils?

"All men are born free and equal in rights"
"Money can't buy you happiness"

Are we free from social evils? The clear cut answer to this question is a big NO. With the intense desire for money and self satisfaction in each and every person alive, it is very easy to justify this answer.

What kind of social evils do we face? Inequality, money and violence covers every kind of problem that we experience in our daily lives.

The behaviour towards the women in the society is vastly different from that of the male members. The fairer sex is considered to be weak and dependent on their 'superior' counterparts. The image of women as homemakers is very common, specially in developing countries like India. And this image results in a huge difference in the treatment of men and women. Basic education is something that young girls have to compromise on for the sake of their families (their brother's studies or if they belong to a poor/middle class family).

Even on the office and political front, women are considered inferior to men. Lower salaries are a common experience. In fact, being a working women is a big thing. Many working women are regarded as being careless or inconsiderate towards their families. And though the government of many democratic countries provide reservation for female candidates, their opinions are still of lower value to males.

As if all this is not enough, crime against women is one of the major problems in today's society. Eve-teasing, female foeticide, child marriage, harassment, molestation, assault, rape are some of these. Female foeticide is the act of killing the fetus because it is a girl. Though the crimes like child marriage and female foeticide are much rarer these days, eve teasing is the activity that is rising every passing minute. Eve teasing or sexual harassment, is a form of sexual aggression that ranges from sexually suggestive remarks, brushing in public places to outright groping. Assault and rape cases are also common. Many women suffer from mental, psychological and emotional trauma due to suck kind of events. There are many cases where the victim can be as young as three months. Women also face domestic violence and marital rape is also existing in our society. The December 16 rape case in India is a proof of how violent and low things can get. The situation is worsening day by day and even a thought of improvement seems very distant.

Next comes caste system(India), slavery or the discrimination between the white and black. Caste system is the discrimination of people on the basis of their work. Members of one caste are 'supposed' to do only one kind of work. And why? Just because they are of that one particular group. This may seem crazy but is actually the reality of my country. Yes, I'm from India and this is the reason why this post is so much centred on the social problems of India. Because this is what I've seen and experienced.

The remedies for this problem is even worse. Reservations for the 'backward' castes in education, job, government are supposed to help these people get the required opportunities in their lives. But this has in fact intensified the discrimination, making it 'official'.

The discrimination between the white and black is existant from a very long time. Slavery in the United States existed from the early years of the colonial period; it was firmly established by the time the United States sought independence from Great Britain in 1776.  The inhuman treatment of the dark skinned members, slave mentality and apartheid in South Africa are some of the examples of this form of unequal treatment.

I can talk further about religion, but I won't as I am not supposed to hurt the faith and belief of a majority of the world population. But, with all due respect, what I think is that religion is yet another criteria for separating people and turning them away from what they actually are, that is, human beings. God did not create any religion, did he(or she)?

Money is the best thing that anybody can have. Is this true? I don't think so. Sure, money is something that is necessary, but it is just that, a simple material requirement. The problem is, we don't consider money as a material but as our only passion. It is something that we can never get enough of. Sadly, we have turned to love objects rather that something that lives and breaths.

And not just this, people are classified into rich and poor to add yet another factor to separation. Some of us end our lives because of some kind of property loss or not having some stuff that money can buy. How sick. The greed to get more of some printed paper has seen people turning against their own family, friends and themselves. If one can have such kind of passion towards the people they are with, they can actually earn some respect and happiness and peace of mind. One can look back and be proud of themselves for making the most of their time.

We are human beings and it is us who make the society. If we have our thinking and mentality wrong, we are toxic and the liability of this society. We are all children of one God. We have the same ancestors. Ladies and Gentlemen are always together as equals, side by side, completing the other. Every member of the world has the same rights, the same duties towards their fellow members and their world.

God created us. From the smallest bacteria to the smartest species called homo sapiens, supposed to live on the same planet called Earth. All equals and all having their partners to live life and make the best out the time that they have. To share happiness through life and not objects. To live life and let others do the same.

This is an equal world for every member. And everyone needs to be treated in the same way because everyone is the same, breathing the same air, living on the same planet, enjoying the same miracle called 'Life'.