A Drowsy Day

You never know what you have until it is gone. It may seem funny here but its true. In my previous post, I was cursing the  holidays for being boring, but now I'm wishing that they should have been longer. Lazy people don't like much work and I'm no different. The first day of college after the holidays turned out to be a little too much and lethargic times 10 is what can describe my condition, approximately.

Once I heard a story about a man from a friend of mine. This man had got a job where he was supposed to work as a delivery boy (more like the house movers). For him, the entire experience was tiring and lethargic and he never liked his job because of this reason. One day, he asked his colleague, who used to do the same work as him and was more than twice his age, that why doesn't he suffer from fatigue conditions. The old man answered him that it was because he loved his job and enjoyed doing it. The man was surprised at the answer but eventually tried the strategy himself and soon found his own health improving.
MORAL : Love your job.
Does this work? It does, but it does require your hardwork and dedication. And keeping a balance of things is necessary so that you don't get detached or disgusted of your monotonous daily routine. Remember, variety is the spice of life and a healthy change is an evolution for you.

However, coming back to my story, consider this,
Late Night Sleep + Sleeping less than 6 hours + Boring Classes.
This equations is enough to explain the cause of my condition. And it's not just me, everywhere its the same condition. Fatigue is very common these days. Almost every other person would say that they suffer from tiredness/ lethary regularly. It is not exactly a disease; you won't even think of visiting a doctor for it. In fact, If a person with fatigue decides to seek medical advice, the overall goal is to identify and rule out any treatable conditions. This is done by considering the person's medical history, any other symptoms that are present, and evaluating of the qualities of the fatigue itself. The affected person may be able to identify patterns to the fatigue, such as being more tired at certain times of day, whether fatigue increases throughout the day, and whether fatigue is reduced after taking a nap.

Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of tiredness. For students, it is generally the idea to stay up till late and study. Though I do it myself, I have never sacrificed my sleep for studying or any other work. Health is higher on the priority chart for me.

Another important reason is weather. Nobody feels like working on a gloomy day or a hot, dry and dull afternoon. Battling the sun is tiring enough. And with 'global warming' on the rise, things have become much more difficult.With the temperatures going over 45 degrees (Celsius scale, and its just April) heat illness is general. It includes minor conditions such as heat cramps, heat syncope, and heat exhaustion as well as the more severe conditions like heat stroke.

And finally it is time for the most significant reason for fatigue. The winner here is : 'Teachers and their classes'. As hilarious as  it may sound, but I can assure you that this situation is very very true. The monotonous and dictated notes, the extra-theoretical teaching patterns (its really E.T.), and the routinely taunts all impact on the interest and energy of the students in class. When will they learn that experimenting is neccesary for things to be interesting. It seems like all forms of creativity and innovations are illegal or restricted.Sighh!!!

This does sound like  suffocating and many more words like that and it does feel the same. The situation may not be this bad as it may sound, but this is my experience which is worsening regularly. I wish that it may get better. And well, it does require my hardwork, so the wish won't be coming true. I am better off being lazy. Just kidding!!!

This was supposed to be an entry for a drowsy day, but it seems I was too much slothful to realise anything happening around me. Anyways, things will get better. Just remember one thing : 'love your work and be balanced'. More coming soon and so long take care everyone.