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The Bad Presentation

Being nervous about a presentation is pretty normal. Was I? No. Well, not exactly. But the result was the same, I messed up. And I did get remarked as being nervous.

Hello everyone. How are you all? Finally, after  a period of ten days, I am posting here. I have been busy (and tired) lately, and this is one of the events from those busy days.....

Are We Free From Social Evils?

"All men are born free and equal in rights" "Money can't buy you happiness"

Are we free from social evils? The clear cut answer to this question is a big NO. With the intense desire for money and self satisfaction in each and every person alive, it is very easy to justify this answer.


Independence and freedom may mean the same to many people. After all, the dictionary lists them as synonyms of each other. But they are not. Independence is when you do not depend on others for any of your needs or your decisions . On the other hand, freedom means....well it means different for different people.

Poetry In Motion

All it takes, is a sense of being with you,
Nothing to say, just watching the day,
Pass along, sitting next to you,
Thanking destiny, for leading me to you,

A Drowsy Day

You never know what you have until it is gone. It may seem funny here but its true. In my previous post, I was cursing the  holidays for being boring, but now I'm wishing that they should have been longer. Lazy people don't like much work and I'm no different. The first day of college after the holidays turned out to be a little too much and lethargic times 10 is what can describe my condition, approximately.