When Holidays Turn Boring

The scorching sun, the lazy afternoon and thousand year oldies around you. That's what everything seems when the most cherished holidays turn boring, like hell.

"School's Out." This term promises to every students loads of fun. But what happens when that fun expires within the first week. The only thing that comes to your mind is, 'survival'.

Summer holidays, what most of us wait and prepare for right from the first day of schools, turn out to be the most boring hols. Stepping out in the sun feels like walking on a path of burning coal (not a recommended activity) and all you can do is sleep to pass the day. Television is the best pastime, but it seems that even the broadcasters are holding a grudge against you, showing things you hate the most.

The winters are a much better option as they bring Christmas and Diwali with them. But this season too is  vulnerable to turn monotonous. And with the added factor of changes in the weather patterns, the fun of these festivals has been reduced significantly. One would rather prefer staying home near the fireplace that going out in the freezing temperatures of December (Even the penguins would step back in their igloos).

So, what to do when you face a crisis like this? The expert advice is : find a new hobby. Apparently it works. Nothing feels better than sitting in your couch and reading a book with a cup of coffee(or any other warm drink); specially for lazy ones like me. As for the hyperactive teens, they can find their interests (I guess that's a reason for calling them hyperactive :P). Either way, it is true that your holidays are the time when you make the biggest discoveries about yourself. You can find out about your interests, explore new hobbies and even find out whether your friends (or your special person) miss(es) you or not. :D

Holidays have never been fun for me. Sure I wait for them like every other student in the whole universe, but they make me lazy. I am the kind of person who gets bored very easily and very quickly. For me, holidays seem like me serving hard time. I spend most of my time sleeping (12-18hrs a day) or playing games ( and they are boring). At times I even feel like spending time (there's a very special term for that) with friends is far better than being at home. These hols seem to give me a nervous breakdown.

But there's always a reason where you can like something you hate a lot. I have learnt a lot about myself during these holidays (especially the previous year). Over the past few years, reading has become one of my most preferred (and productive) pastimes as well as I have discovered my now most cherished abilities of listening and have great control over it. This has even made me understand and connect with the psychology of many people I have met so far. 

Well, this part ends here. I agree that holidays can be very boring but the truth is, it's all in our mind. What you believe is what you have. My advice : make the most out of your free days and do what yo feel like. Add one more memory to your experience list. All the best.