The First Day Of School

"No matter how much you think you hate school, you'll always miss it when you leave"

"Honkkkkk!!!!" comes the bus in the morning outside your gate. Your mom standing next to you asks you to get in. What comes to your mind? Well, I never had that feeling. Actually I had my sister in the same school. But I can tell you what happens next. As you step into the bus to see so many different faces staring at you, the dull feeling of going to school worsens. As if that was not enough, upon reaching school you realize you can't find your class. Seems like a bad day. :-(

That's what happened with me on the first day of my school. I reached my class with a red nose and numb eyes, which soon earned me the identity of a crybaby. I had joined school late and was gifted with so many assignments that I even thought of destroying the notes which I was copying from, just to reduce the work.


I have never heard of 'time-table' so when I was asked to arrange my bag for the next day, I took out all my books from my bag and kept them back perfectly aligned (I can do work :P). The result : I had everyone laughing at me. As for me, I joined them like a crazy joker. Period.

 The next tale is about two of my teachers in 1st grade. One of them took great care of me during the entire year while the other, I cared so much that I cried every time I saw her. And I cared not for her but for myself. When I was asked the reason for my behavior, I answered that she can hit me hard with her fat belly.
I now realize how embarrassing that would have been for her, 'cause that's how I feel while writing this.

The other teacher was very loving towards me. In fact, there were many time when she saved me from other teachers and my parents as well. She always helped me in my studies. And I rewarded her with a very special gift. This gift was a loud and long 'WHISTLE' (accidentally). It was my newly learnt talent but she never noticed it. Tough luck, eh? 


Well that's the school story. It turned from first day to first grade. And of course, I don't think this is the story of a lot of people. For some, the first day of school is a new start. They clearly believe that school is a place to learn and grow. While for some the first day is like hell, being away with your family to a time which seems like eternity. And there are others who prefer not to attend the first day :D. 

There are all different kinds of students with different attitude towards school. But like the quote in the beginning says, you'll always miss school. We all have amazing memories in school. It's a love and hate relationship, but its a relationship we all love to keep and remember. More on its way soon. So long...take care everyone............