Friends Forever.....

"Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest....It's about who stayed with you when everyone turned against you"

Level Two dedicated to what almost everyone will agree when i say are the best memories of our lives, that is, our friends. Can't imagine life without them, can we?

As a 4 year old boy, you won't actually find girls interesting (unless you are blessed with the genes of a romantic player :D), so finding friends as guys is very natural. Boys are your brothers and best buddies.
 In fact, even when you are older, the thought of conversing with the person of the opposite sex freaks you out. For an introvert like me, that feeling is a thousand times more. And to add more to the misery, your best buddies can make you a lot more nervous.

Anyways, friends are an indispensable part of our lives. We share all our jokes, gossips, secrets, memories and feelings with them. Some are more closer while some are just so called friends or some are 'just friends' (If you know what i mean ;-)).

Well, this post is just about friends, so the other definitions have to wait. Like I was saying, we share our lives with our friends; and now technology has made this sharing even easier for us. Facebook can be the best example for it.

I can go on and on about this, but I have to add something here. Life is all about moments and here is the first of those,

Best Friends Memo #1 :

"Man, I really like her. Can you help me?"
"That girl in the corner."
"Oh, are you serious?"
"Yeah, I like her a lot."
"I don't know. But she's my friend, so I can talk to her about you."

I suppose many of you might have experienced that kind of conversation. Sounds funny, right? But it is one moment that can make you smile.....

Anyways, it is time to end now,  but this part is really long. More coming soon. So long, take care everyone.....adios!!!

(P.S. : I suppose I'm not a very good writer and any good blogger can point out a thousand mistakes in this but well, I'm working on it. All feedback is welcome. Thank You.)