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Afraid 22

"Around midnight, I woke up to a loud crash on my bedroom window. The rain was still relentless as the pitch black night made it impossible to see anything outside. To be honest, I have seen enough horror movies to know how dumb it is to look outside in such a scenario. I returned back to my sleeping position, turning my back to the window when I got a call on my phone. I'd say the vibrating noise set the perfect backdrop for the pale white face that I found myself staring into, with its blooded grin and a glorious knife placed near its jaw."
Now, most people would have had a heart-attack by then but I know the habits of my sleepwalking wife.

Afraid 21

"I often work late in the night and every time,  I can see her playing with her toys in the hallway. Her expressions are always a mix of sadness and anger, especially after she caught me staring at her a few nights ago."

Afraid 20

"I've always believed in ghosts and I also believe that they are not always trying to harm anyone. So, after I was forced awake for an entire week by a consistent tapping on my window, I kindly requested the ghost to stop. Little did I know that the entity would choose to barrage me with its blood curdling screams from the following night. Now, I am too afraid to ask it to stop because I can't risk it getting any closer than the side of my bed."